Double screw continuous hybrid lithium battery processing line

Product introduction

Common raw materials include reactive materials, conductive carbon black and pastes. Feed into twin-screw extruder by weightlessness scale or premixed mixture. Because the weightless feeder can accurately measure the feed according to the formula ratio, all the components can ensure the uniform flow into the twin-screw extruder. Because some raw materials are carcinogenic or toxic and abrasive, the new twin screw extruder specially developed and designed by Nanjing Dalit Extrusion Machinery Co., LTD., in the production of electrode materials, the whole process from raw material mixing to mixture extrusion is carried out under controlled conditions. Due to the particularity of raw materials, the TSE series twin-screw extrusion system used for electrode materials is designed and produced in strict accordance with the standard explosion-proof requirements.

Product Introduction:

Advantages of continuous process production of electrode materials:

1. Ensure the continuous stability of product quality.

2. Significantly reduce the solvent content in the material formula

3. Easy processing of high viscosity materials, because of the self-cleaning of the twin screw extruder can achieve shorter cleaning time and less waste of small materials, less residence time, lower thermal degradation.

4. Very stable and effective off swing, even to deal with some very difficult to swing materials also has ultra-high system stability and flexibility

5. The complete set of mature and formed equipment has extended service life and very good mixing effect and uniformity.

6. The continuous pulping process can achieve the same productivity performance with one-third of the unit energy consumption compared to the traditional blender process.

Nanjing Dalit Extrusion Machinery Co., Ltd. can help you realize the battery anode material from batch production process to continuous production process, and we can also provide the production of battery separator and solid state battery materials production program.