The convenience of twin screw

Double screw plastic extruder is a rubber extruder design with two screws for work and processing of rubber raw materials. Sometimes we classify rubber extruders according to the number of screw extruders, for example, single screw plastic extruder and double screw plastic extruder are corresponding to one kind of equipment classification. The double screw extruder is composed of several parts, such as transmission device, feeding device, barrel and screw. The function of each part is similar to the single screw extruder. The difference between the double screw extruder and the single screw extruder is that there are two parallel screws placed in the "∞" shaped section of the material. Twin-screw rubber extruder is mainly used in the extrusion production of rubber particles and some rubber profiles. The cost of double screw plastic extruder is higher than the cost of ordinary single screw plastic extruder. When we choose the plastic extruder, we should choose products according to the choice, and choose cost-effective equipment for production. The double screw rubber extruder is not as stable as the single screw plastic extruder for the extrusion molding of some products, so many products use the single screw rubber extruder for the precision of products. These two kinds of rubber extruders have their own advantages and disadvantages are not the same, we should choose according to their practical application. We can only choose the right type of rubber extruder for normal extrusion production.
Single screw extruder in this era of rapid industrial development, a variety of new equipment and machinery are used in engineering construction, not only a wide variety, but also different functions. As often seen in the work of single screw extruder, light manufacturing businesses have dozens, but, to ask the industry which can be more favored by users, when the hebei new creative machinery. New creative products not only excellent performance, but also the major advantages and features have been praised by the industry manufacturers.
Compared with the same type of products produced by other extruder manufacturers, this equipment produced by new creative machinery not only has a strong operability, but also greatly improves the efficiency, reduces the noise pollution, and has a very wide development prospect.
The company set product manufacturing, research and development and sales as one, to provide front-line service. The company has a professional team, with rich experience and deep foundation. At the same time, it also provides users with personalized customized services and creates a unique and exclusive tool for you. The single-screw extruder is obvious in the working speed, which can save time and cost. With strong operation ability, it is convenient and quick to operate, which can make the extrusion products more uniform and effectively improve the quality and service life of the extrusion products. Can let the user at any time grasp wear condition, stop or continue at any time.